Well, This year is over. I can't say that was an easy year, I had a lot of changes in my life this 2018, I had to change my eating habits, I was rejected in two different tech congress, also I had to leave a community project that I started en 2016 to save my mental peace, and I lost my father this month. Although this year I have had to close many of cycles, also I have started many new things 😃.

  • I had the opportunity to be a mentor in two generations of MagmaHackers the MagmaLabs Program that helps to train graduate students to start their journey in the software engineering world.

  • I started to collaborate in the GDG Leon with @imonsh, @pacoMGH, @FerroRodolfo, and @richard016 trying to keep growing the tech ecosystem in Leon Guanajuato, I'm very happy to can collaborate with them.

  • I was able to attend as speaker and mentor to different local conferences and hackathons and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people from all the country.

  • I increased my open source contributions even I was able to send my first a pull request to Solidus project and this was accepted 🎉.

  • I had the opportunity to work in a super interesting project with amazing people from different countries, giving value and learning a lot of new things from my teammates. Especially thanks to @SanchezDav90 and VzqzAc for all your support.

I'm really grateful for everything accomplished throughout this 2018. Also thanks to all the people that help me in the hard moments, without your help none of this would be possible. I hope to have a lot of new challenge and happy moments in this new year 2019, I hope to have the opportunity to keep growing in my personal and professional life.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year